The Marrow of Tradition

What are some similarities and difference between Dr. Miller and Josh

Marrow of tradition

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Dr. Miller is an African American doctor of mixed race in the town of Wellington; Josh is a poor black man whose father has been murdered by McBane.

Dr. Miller is educated; Josh has been educated in the school of oppression and anger. Dr. Miller has returned to open a hospital to care for the people in his hometown, he is driven by compassion and the desire to help. Josh is angry and filled with hatred, his first reaction is to use the riot to fight against domination.

Dr. Miller treats the Carteret's son, he does the right thing even after the death of his own child. He does what he shoul do~ not what he wants to do........... and that would be to walk away.

Josh kills McBane as revenge for his own father's death; he is motivated by revenge more than he is by a cause. He too is killed in the fight.

He is a very educated man who studied in Europe and is well respected in his field. He purposefully came back to his hometown of Wellington to open a hospital for the black community. The novel's climax is Dr. Miller's search for his wife and son and his decision to treat the Carteret's sick son.

Josh Green is a poor black man in Wellington whose father was killed by McBane. He is angry and takes the incident of the riot as a chance to fight against white domination. He kills and is killed by Captain McBane.


Marrow of Tradition