The Man of Mode

Significance of act 3 in the man of mode

Why it is important act 3 of the man of mode

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The presence of Sir Fopling Flutter, whose name is in the subtitle to the play, as well as his complete opposite, Harriet, makes for an interesting act. Fopling is the character all the other characters are gently lampooning for his affectation and ridiculousness. He is overly concerned with his dress, his manners are too artificial, and he has no discernment or perspicacity. The circle critiques him as “a fine-mettled coxcomb”, “brisk and insipid”, and “pert and dull” (91). Dorimant comments in response to Emilia’s statement that many may see him as a wit that “Nature has her cheats, stums a brain and puts sophisticate dullness on the tasteless multitude for true wit and good humour” (91).