The Lovely Bones

Why does Susie bring up the grave rubbing and Lindsey's favorite line from their game ? How does it relate to the current situation ?

Chapter 20

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While Susie watches her mother take her sleeping father’s hand, she thinks again of the grave rubbing mentioned in Chapter 7. Susie and Lindsey would role-play as parts of the grave rubbing; Susie is the dead knight and Lindsey is the widow. Lindsey’s favorite line was “How can I be expected to be trapped for the rest of my life by a man frozen in time?” (276); here, Abigail feels that if Jack is not able to move on and recover from Susie’s murder, that she too will be trapped in that grief. Absence continues as a theme in these chapters. Mr. Harvey sleeps beside an empty grave; not only is the girl that he killed dead, her body is also gone.