The Lovely Bones

in chapter FIVE what conflicting information does Mr.Harvey give the cop, Mr. Len Federman?


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Len Fenerman goes to George Harvey’s house. He had been there before when the police went door-to-door questioning the neighbors and found nothing remarkable there. While there, Mr. Harvey tells Len that he built the tent for his dead wife Leah and that he does it every year, but this is the first year he did it outside. Mr. Harvey suggests that perhaps the Ellis boy was involved in the murder, because he likes to hurt animals. Len has already checked it out and the boy has an alibi. Len calls Jack to report what Mr. Harvey said. Jack says he thought that Mr. Harvey’s wife’s name was Sophie, as he heard that from Abigail. Jack writes Sophie and Leah in a book—Susie notes that he is unknowingly listing the dead.