The Lovely Bones

10 diffrences between a book and the movie ?


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I've never seen the film, but I have read the book. I found this excerpt for you on wordpress, it may or may not help. The source is provided below.

Fans of the book noticed quite a few differences between the source material and the film adaptation.  Mainly, that in the book, Susie’s heaven isn’t 60% of the focus.  It’s just a place she is, not a day-glo dance factory with glass-bottled ships crashing onto rocks.  Pretty, yes.  Relevant? Not really.  The book is also blunt about the fact that Susie is raped AND murdered.  In the film version, if she’s raped before Mr. Harvey kills her, it’s never brought up.  Also, in the book Susie’s dad has an encounter with some teenagers and a baseball bat in a cornfield – then has a heart attack toward the end, which makes her mother return.  The movie skips the heart attack altogether and has the baseball bat incident become the life or death moment for Susie’s Dad.  In addition, Susie’s sister Lindsey is a much bigger character, and the character of Ray’s mother has been completely left out of the movie.  (Or rather, I’m sorry – She walks by in a scene at the mall one time.)  Also, Susie’s mother has an affair with the policeman working on Susie’s case, and Mr. Harvey leaves town earlier and then comes back.