The Lottery and Other Stories

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

One major theme of “The Lottery” is the role of Tradition in our lives. Explain what you think Jackson is trying to say about tradition, and specifically the tradition of the lottery. Be sure to quote the story for evidence.

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Tradition plays a large role in the story, specifically following old tradtions without thought...... especially when they're dangerous. The villagers don't seem at all dismayed when the lottery preparations begin, it's a day like any other. People go to work, do their thing, and mid-day they gather to choose a name and stone the winner. The villagers don't even think about their actions..... it's simply always been done. Thinking about it might cause a moral dilemma....... and let's face it, at that point they'd have to call a spade a spade and murder, murder.


The Lottery