The Lottery and Other Stories

The Lottery => research paper ideas

Can anyone help me with research paper ideas

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There are a number of directions you can follow in regard to a research paper on The Lottery. One would be conformity.... why do normal, intelligent people participate in senseless acts of violence. The violence and senseless murder we see in The Lottery still occurs today. Popular books like The Hunger Games are based upon the lottery system. This might be something you can work with.... good luck with your essay.

you can write a research paper on why do people have crazy traditions like this, why do they make traditions that kill other people, and why do they find it interesting. why do these townspeople dress formal and are excited to throw rocks at other people and watch them die. sorry so late u probaly had done your paper already and turned it in, but if u did turn it in hope u had a good grade on it.


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