The Lottery and Other Stories

Describe tessie (unique description, motivations, character foils, transformations(emotional/physch)

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Tessie comes late to the lottery drawing, smiling and laughing, telling them "You wouldn't want me to leave dirty dishes in the sink." She is fine with the whole Lottery process until her family is drawn. Then she wants her daughter's family to draw and is reminded that daughters "draw with the husband's family." When she draws the final slip, she complains that she was rushed and "it isn't fair." As she is hit with the first stone, she again complains, "It isn't right."

Tessie is a representation of the Psyche behind the people of this story. She seems to echo the "just another day" attitude that people have. She comes seemingly intentionally late spouting details about washing dishes and "not noticing" the time. There are reflections of WW2, specifically how people could be silent about atrocities until they were a target. Tessie represents the one who was silent until "they" came for her. Tessie dos speak out when her family is targeted. Perhaps represents her penchant for the dramatic or perhaps her final realization at how wrong this practice was. Seemingly out of self interest, she protests but her arguments still ring true. Tessie dies defiant but her cries fall on deaf ears.