The Lottery and Other Stories

collections grade 10 guiding questions collection 1 #'s 10-12

10. Lines 159-168: "The people had done it so many times..., not looking down at his hand." Describe the tone in this passage. Which words led you to that conclusion?

11. Lines 191-204: "They do say," Mr. Adams said to Old Man Warner...Pack of young fools." What text evidence shows how Old Man Warner feels about the lottery?

12. Lines 219-225: "After that there was a long pause..."Bill Hutchinsons got it." Which wrds or phrases change the story's pacing?

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1, There is a sense of apprehension but the anxiety is tempered a little because the lottery had been done so many times. The people were habituated to the procedure.

You need to submit each of your questions one at a time.