The Lion and the Jewel

Refer to the mime depicting the story of lost of manhood

, Describe the evnts that are enacted in the mime

Discuss one theme that is presented in this mime

Examine the dranatic effect of song and dance in the play

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The mine of lost manhood is the first spectacle in the play and provides a flaskback so as to keep its dramatic unities ( unity of time to be more specific). Chronologically, the dance sees the 'man from the outside world', which is ironically played by Lakunle, driving in a vechicle played by dances on the floor who represented the wheels. Anyway, the vechicle suddenly malfunctions and as he inspects the tires Lakunle pinches one of the dancers on the butt. He then abandons the vechicle and preceeds to walk around with his helmet, a bottle of whisky and his camera which he uses to take pictures of Sidi. The villages the arrest the man and carries him to the Odan Tree in the center of the village.

One theme that is dramatically striking in this mime is Tradition vs. modernity. It is quite the norm for the modernized individuals to critize and ridicule other cultures especially the African tradition, and the epitome of this is Lakunle. The school teacher constantly batters the beliefs of his own true culture and he is characterized as the cultural antagonist of the play who battles an internal conflict of identity crisis. However, in the The Dance of The Lost Travellor, the tables have turned. Tradition gets the last laugh as the modern man is marginalised in the village, similar to Lakunle's marginaliseation as well. Infact, in Lakunle's case, we learn that no matter how much one might be influenced by other cultures, he will always gravitate back to his roots. It should also be noted that Sidi represents the Africans post-European Imperialism, who have stuck with their tradition but also acknowledge the values of modernity, while Lakunle represents those who have been so transformed to the point in which the are confused as to their purpose in life.

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