The Lightning Thief

why does grover want a searchers license for?

in chapter 12

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That night, Grover explains to Percy what he means when he says he wants to get his searcher's license. Searchers are satyrs who go in search of Pan, the God of Wild Places; none of them has returned alive. Grover wants to be the first to succeed. Percy says the only reason he wants to go to the Underworld is to save his mother, but Grover reads his emotions and says he wants to make his dad proud, too. Percy sleeps and has a dream about a cavern with a strange being inside of it, asking him to bring him the bolt. He wakes to find Grover talking to a lost pink poodle, Gladiola, who agrees to be returned to her family so that the questers can receive the family's $200 reward and have money to buy a train ticket to Los Angeles.