The Lais of Marie de France

Which figures stand out the most in this tale? Which moral lessons do we learn from Lanval's tale?

This is a story of "Marie de France's "Lanval" I really need help with those questions?

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In my opinion, two figures stand out above all others. First, Queen Guinevere, who offers himself to Lanval without a second thought, and who is so angered by his loyalty to her husband and ultimate rejection that she makes false accusations to the King. Second, King Arthur, the epitome of leadership and chivalry..... who believes his wife's tale without flinching.

The moral lesson of the story, in my opinion, is to do what's right, even when those around you insist upon doing what is wrong. Lanval never lied, never betrayed his king, and never betrayed his love. In the end.... it all turned out for the good.