The Kite Runner


when baba leanrs his illness is terminal he

refusees treatment

goes to new york city

asks to go away to die alone

asks his afghan friends to pray for him

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He refuses treatment

Your welcome.I enjoyed reading this novel so I know it quite well.

Yes, I'm turning in. I'm not sure this is the forum to do your whole assignment. If you post again you might want to post only the ones that you are really stuck on. Try to take a look at the book, it's a great read. Also, you can utilise all the great info on the GradeSaver site.

the thing is that im having a test tomorow and idk nuthing about the book kuz i was sick and the book is kanda confuise because i goes back and foward and also the names are rele weirds

can yuh to that questions forme pliz