The Kite Runner

Who has innerturmoil in The Kite Runner? and why do they have it? how does it get resolved?

How is it resolved?

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There is much inner turmoil in this novel. Themes like friendship, violence, rape and war all contribute to the tragic lives of the characters. I suppose the rape of Hassan (The kite runner) by village thugs set the tone in this book. Amir, the protagonist, feels a sense of immense guilt for the rape. This guilt is personified through various life stages within the story. The conflicts never do get resolved. Happy endings with subject matter like this don't really exist; there is too much damage along the way. The novel does end on a hopeful note. Amir returns to Afghanistan to bring Hassan's son Sohrab back to America. Hassan and his wife were killed by the Taliban. The two, Amir and Soharb, end the novel by flying a kite together; this is a symbol of Hassan's memory and a symbol of hope.