The Kite Runner

what realizations does amir come to in chapter 19

what important things do amir realize in chapter 19

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There are a few here.Farid was driving Amir from Peshawar to Kabul. Farid accused Amir of not being a true Afghan because he deffected to America. Amir looks around at the devistation and concurs that, "I feel like a tourist in my own country". Amir endures further insults around his betrayel and, although they are harsh, consides that Farid is largely in the right. Amir also realises that the dinner that he eats at Wahid's (Farid's brother) place comes at a price. Amir notices Wahid's three sons staring at him. He later realises that the boys did not eat in order to feed their guest. Amir leaves a bunch of cash in the mattress before he leaves.