The Kite Runner

What kind of relationship do Hassan and Ali have?

What is their relationship like?

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There are so many nuances and cultural beliefs to consider. Amir loves Hassan. Hassan is only a half-brother and servant to Babba. His father is ashamed of his relationship with a Hazzara woman which makes him hide the fact that Hassan is his son. Still Amir and Hassan are very close. Hassan always takes a subservient role in the relationship. It is Hassan that is the kite runner where as Amir is the controller. It is Amir that gets sent to America while Hassan stays back and is killed. It is Hassan that gets raped for defying the bully while Amir gets away. Baba is the patriarch of the family while Ali is merely a Hazzara servant. Ali is very compassionate and understands Hassan in a way that Babba never does. Social status prevents Babba from treating Hassan as a son where as status allows Ali, who is unrelated to Hassan, to treat him like a son. If you are thinking particular chapters, just proceed to GradeSaver. The chapter summaries will help. I'll put it in the source link below.