The Kite Runner

what is the significance of this quote?

I see the barrel first. Then the man standing behind him. He is tall, dressed in a herringbone vest and a black turban. He looks down at the blindfolded man before him with eyes that show nothing but a vast, cavernous emptiness. He takes a step back and raises the barrel. Places it on the back of the kneeling man's head. For a moment, fading sunlight catches in the metal and twinkles. The rifle roars with a deafening crack. I follow the barrel on its upward arc. I see the face behind the plume of smoke swirling from the muzzle. I am the man in the herringbone vest.

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Amir is dreaming this. Amir has returned to Afghanistan to find Sohrab. He imagines his own death at the hands of the Taliban. Returning to Afghanistan could very well make this happen.

Actually he believes that he has killed hassan bt I want the significance in it..... bec I have to write active reading notes on any quote in the chapter 14 -21

Do u have any suggestions for a good quote in those chapters?

What about

My mother had died on this soil. And on this soil, I had fought for my father's love. Wats the significance in it?

Oh , sorry I understand now. Amir carries a huge amount of guilt around. In many ways, he blames himself for Hassan's demise. He feels that he abandoned his friend (and brother) way back in the alley when they were children. He also feels he abandoned Hassan for the rest of his life. That is the significance of the dream. Amir feels that, at least on a metaphorical level, that he is just as responsible for Hassan's death as the Taliban. Are you looking for a quote that reflects his guilt?