The Kite Runner

WHat happens to Sohrab while Amir sleeps?

chapter 24

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A call from Soraya awoke him; she gave the good news that Sharif would be able to get Sohrab a visa. Amir knocked on the bathroom door to tell Sohrab that all their fears were over, but he would not answer. Then Amir opened the door to the bathroom and began to scream; an ambulance took him and Sohrab to the hospital.

•Amir finds Sohrab at the mosque. He's sitting on an island of grass in the parking lot. The hotel manager drops Amir off and heads back to the hotel. Amir sits down next to Sohrab and they have a little heart to heart.

•Sohrab talks about mosques for a little bit. He asks Amir about Amir's parents. The two talk about being orphans and missing their parents. Sohrab is beginning to forget his parents' faces. Amir gives Sohrab the Polaroid photo of Hassan and Sohrab.

•The heart to heart continues. Sohrab asks Amir if God will put him in hell "for what I did to that man [Assef]" (24.75). Amir tells him of course not, and gives Sohrab a vague history of his and Hassan's dealings with Assef. Sohrab cries for a little bit. He feels "dirty" because Assef sexually abused him. In fact, Sohrab doesn't even want his father and mother to see him, because he feels so sinful. Amir comforts him.

•Then Amir asks The Big Question: "Would you like to come live in America with me and my wife?" (24.94). Sohrab doesn't answer.


Soharb tried to kill himself, that's why he went to the hospital!!