The Kite Runner

What does Sohrab do the first night they are in the hotel? Where does Amir find him? Why does he go there?

chapter 23-24

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He tries to kill himself; Amir finds him bleeding in the bathtub; he goes there to tell him the good news about getting him to the United States.

When Amir wakes up, it's dark and Sohrab is gone. Oh flip.

Amir limps down to the front desk and asks the manager if he's seen Sohrab. No luck. Amir imagines Sohrab locked in a car trunk, dead in a ditch – you know, the usual parental worries. (Actually, he's probably worried the Taliban swiped Sohrab.)

The manager and Amir figure out Sohrab must have wandered over to the Shah Faisal Mosque, which impressed Sohrab when they drove past it. After annoying the hotel manager just enough, Amir gets the manager to drive him to the mosque.

Amir finds Sohrab at the mosque. He's sitting on an island of grass in the parking lot. The hotel manager drops Amir off and heads back to the hotel. Amir sits down next to Sohrab and they have a little heart to heart.