The Kite Runner

What does Omar Faisal advise Amir to do? How does Sohrab react when Amir tells him this? Why do you think Sohrab is so terrified?

chapters 23-24

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The next day, Amir goes to the American embassy. The man there tells Amir the adoption will be almost impossible. Without death certificates, there is no way to prove Sohrab is an orphan. Amir should speak to Omar Faisal, an immigration attorney. Amir and Sohrab see Faisal the next day. He says it will be hard, but there are options. Amir can put Sohrab in an orphanage, file a petition, and wait up to two years for the government to approve the adoption. That night, when Amir tells Sohrab he may have to go back to an orphanage, Sohrab screams that they’ll hurt him and cries until he falls asleep in Amir’s arms. While he sleeps, Amir talks to Soraya, who tells him that Sharif, a family member who works for the U.S. immigration department, or INS, says there are ways to keep Sohrab in the country once he’s in. Amir goes to tell Sohrab and finds him bleeding and unconscious in the bathtub.