The Kite Runner

What details of the "Rostam and sohrab" story make it symbolic


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Myths and legends about heroes such as "Rostam and sohrab" symbolize the difference and similarities of the two different groups of Muslims, the Shi'a and Sunni. Where they are placed on the socioeconomic level determines ability to understand and the opportunities for literacy and advancement. Unfortunately, money, or lack of it does not define underlying heroism. understanding, but they do not guarantee heroic attitudes and actions. In the story, Rostam acts dishonorably by taking advantage of the king's daughter. This dishonorable character symbolizes Amir and his treatment of Hassan. Sohrab's character, however, doesn't know his father (like Hassan), and dies young (also like Hassan). Thus, Sohrab symbolizes Hassan's character and experiences.


The Kite Runner