The Kite Runner

What are some sins that character make in the kite runner apart from Amir

character that have made sins

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Some terrible "sins" take place in this story. Of course the word "sin" is a relative term. I think if you mean in a general moral sense I could mention a few from memory:

-Assef, the local socio-path beats Amir nearly to death and rapes Hassan.

-Amir fails to protect his friend Hassan.

-General Taheri

Soraya's father. He is a former general who prefers collecting welfare to lowering himself to a blue collar job.


Amir's wife. She shamed her family as a young woman by running off with a man.

Those are only a few but we must remember than "sin" can mean different things in the context of different belief systems.

Can you please answer this: How do they confront them (sins)?