The Kite Runner

Trace the changes between Amir and his father.

chapter 8

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Nearly everything Amir does wrong, he does in order to win or keep Baba's attention and affection. His actions come out of his deep-seated belief that Baba blames him for his mother's death. He does not find out until many years later that Baba was blaming himself all along, for shaming Ali and not being able to treat Hassan like a true son. According to Rahim Khan, Baba was hard on Amir because he was trying to raise him to be like himself but more righteous. The irony is that in trying to redeem his own honor, Baba raised a child who felt neglected and who acted out in fear. When Amir wins the kite tournament, he bridges his and Baba's worlds through a sport. His true wish, however, is for Baba to acknowledge his special talent for writing. He says, "Maybe Baba would even read one of my stories. I'd write him a hundred if I thought he'd read one.