The Kite Runner

Think about the fathers in the novel. According to the novel, what does it mean to be a father? How is success in fatherhood measured? Who are the successful / unsuccessful fathers in this story?

Please help with Kite Runner questions

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Fatherhood in this novel is many shades of grey. Labels of good and bad are for fairy tales. With all his many faults Baba was a father. Sure he was insensitive and lost in his cultural prejudices but he was still a father. There was a sense of compassion in him that came out. THere was a sense of loyalty to Hassan and Amir, dysfunctional as it was. I think, in the end, fatherhood is about caring. This caring is shown in many ways through different cultures and experiences. I think Amir, with who he is and what he has gone through, will make a wonderful father to Sohrab.