The Kite Runner

THE KITE RUNNER Chapter 11 - 12

Discuss parental relations. Compare and contrast relations today in America versus Afghanistan culture.

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Family is extremely important in the story, especially because it takes place in Afghanistan. It is a nation where culture and tradition are of monumental importance, especially to the older generation. We see this when Baba and Amir are in America. Even though they are in a different country, Amir is expected to observe cultural tradition in courting Soraya. Not only must they go through khastegari, in order to get engaged, but they cannot be seen together in public before the wedding. One the one hand, everyone in Afghanistan is part of one family; as Baba says, "Take two Afghans who've never met, put them in a room for ten minutes, and they'll figure out how they're related." On the other hand, lineage is of the utmost importance. The culture and dynamic of parental relations today, especially ones with modern western values, is very different. Strong religious and cultural tradition, that dictated Amir’s life, is usually not a part of modern relationships.