The Kite Runner

Rahim gives Amir a letter from Hassan, who wrote it six months before ? What is Hassan's tone in this letter? How does Amir react ?


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After Rahim Khan finished telling the story about him and Hassan, he handed Amir a letter and a photograph. The photograph was of Hassan and Sohrab. In the letter, Hassan described the violence and injustice in Afghanistan. One day, Farzana spoke slightly loudly in the market and a Talib beat her so hard that she fell down and was bruised for days. Despite the terror, Hassan said, Sohrab was a healthy and smart boy; Hassan had made sure he was literate and knew how to shoot a slingshot as well as his father. Hassan ended his letter by expressing his wish to see Amir in Afghanistan again. Rahim Khan explained that the letter was written six months before. The tone of the letter is strained because of the hardships in Afghanistan. Still, it is also shows the warmth and earnestness that Hassan had always afforded towards Amir even if Amir feels he does not deserve it.