The Kite Runner

Identify three changes in Kabul since Amir left 20 years before. Which change do you think amir finds the hardest to accept?

Chapters 20-22

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When Amir and Farid reach Kabul, Amir does not recognize it. What used to be buildings are now dusty piles of rubble, and beggars are everywhere. The trees are all gone. The Soviets cut them down because snipers would hide in them, and Afghans cut them down to use for firewood. A Taliban patrol of bearded men with guns in the back of a red pickup passes by, and Amir stares at them.

Farid drives Amir to Baba’s house. It is falling apart, but recognizable. Amir finds his bedroom window and remembers looking out of it to watch Ali and Hassan the morning they left. He goes up the hill to the pomegranate tree where he and Hassan used to play, but Farid tells him they should leave.

I think the changes to his home would have been the most difficult to accept.