The Kite Runner

How has Soraya prepared for Sohrab's arrival? How does Sohrab respond to her?

chapter 25

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Soraya had little time to make preparations, but the one thing she did do before Sohrab's arrival was to prepare his room and fill a large trunk with books. Soraya wanted Sohrab to feel at home, and to find comfort in books, as he had always been read to by his father (Hassan).

Soraya wanted to build a friendship first, as Sohrab was going to be her son, and she wanted to provide him with things that he'd find comforting. Sohrab had been through many things (the loss of his parents, sexual abuse), and books are available to help heal all of these things. Not to say they provide the healing, but they do provide a base, and Soraya, knowing this provided them.


The Kite Runner