The Kite Runner

how does hosseni portray amir in kite runner?

Explore Amirs attitudes

Hossenis language choices

Narrative view point

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Amir has had a really great life or so we're led to believe :-D. His family is well off, he has a fantastic relationship with his father, and an enduring friendship with his closest friend (and brother) Hassan. Any conflict that transpires between the two can be based on that age old terminology "boys will be boys."

The twist here comes in the fact that Amir's life is not what we initially believe it to be. He has baggage from the earliest years of his childhood, he blames himself for his mother's death (she dies giving birth to him), and we come to see that the only wall between he and his father is that he imagines his father blames him too!

Amir moves through the novel trying to earn the things he doesn't believe he's desrving of, namely Babba's love. What he doesn't know is that's something he already has. Love isn't born through actions and it's not earned. This kind of love just "is."

Later in the novel when the two (Amir and Babba) move to the United States their relationship changes. Amir is responsible and he feels his father's love all around him. Why? Like the child he once was he sees his brother's absence in the transformation. Childhood jealousies and sibling rivilry continue to exist from miles away.


The Kite Runner