The Kite Runner

how does Hosseini encourage us to see Amir in a possitive light?

chapter 19

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It isn't easy for Amir to be back in Afghanistan. He is here out of both guilt and duty. Amir is in disguise; in addition to his fake beard, he is wearing traditional Afghan clothing for maybe the first time in his life. Amir struggles with his separation from Afghanistan, because he still feels some entitlement to it; he says, "My mother had died on this soil. And on this soil, I had fought for my father's love." Amir feels out of place and uncomfortable in his native land. Even though he wears a disguise, there is a sense that he is genuine. Amir is more self-reflective than he has ever been. There is a humbleness and reservation about his place in the world that we have not seen before.