The Kite Runner

Examine the part that courage plays in the story. What is real bravery? What are the key moments when characters are brave and who is the bravest character? Use specific examples to back up your thoughts.

Please help with Kite Runner questions

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This is a great question worthy of a much more involved answer that I can give in this space. Courage is everywhere in this novel mixed with fear, grief and love. Many of the characters are courageous in their own ways. Baba moves to America where he is striped from a man of respect to a mere Arab immigrant. Hassan is brave for living with the stigma of a Hazara. He follows his friend Amir suffering indignities a thousand times over. Sohrab is brave simply because he chooses to live when he has had so much pain in his life, it is a wonder he dis not end his life long ago. I think Amir is very courageous. The crushing guilt of his cowardness so many years prior haunts him. Despite grave danger, he returns to Afghanistan to rescue Sohrab. There he faces his demons and almost pays with his life.