The Kite Runner

describe Hassan , and the relationship between the boys, Amir and Hassan

i need to know the answeres of the following question.

1 describe Hassan

2 the relatioship between Hasan and Amir

3 describe Baba

4 Hassan's mother

5 the relationship between Baba amd Amir


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1) Hassan is Amir's most loyal and devoted servant, who is born with a clept lip. He and Amir were nursed by the same woman and, unbeknownst to them both, they are half-brothers. Hassan is illiterate but smart and stands up for others. He is also the best kite runner in Kabul. He dies at the hands of the Taliban, defending Baba's house from takeover.

3) Baba is Amir's father. He is a wealthy and well-respected man with a dark secret; he had an affair with Ali's wife and Hassan is his illegitimate son. Baba wishes Amir were braver and stronger and that he could openly express his love for Hassan. Baba dies of terminal cancer in San Francisco shortly after Amir's wedding.

4) Sanaubar is Hassan's mother. She was Ali's notoriously beautiful first cousin and second wife, who ran off with a troupe of dancers. She refused to even hold Hassan when he was born. Years later, she returns to Wazir Akbar Khan to beg forgiveness from Hassan and ends up helping raise Sohrab. She dies peacefully when he is four.


2) Hassan and Amir are best friends, although Amir tends to look down upon Hassan because of his position in the household (Hassan is a Hazara). Amir is also jealous of the affection Baba gives to Hassan.

Hassan looks up to Amir and loves him like a brother (unbeknownst to the two, they are in fact half-brothers. Hassan is loyal.