The Kite Runner

Describe Baba’s philosophies. Can they be viewed as Western or Eastern in theory?

The Kite Runner

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Baba's philosophies are more Western than Eastern, and although his time in America is difficult, he is free. I doubt the Taliban would have allowed him to live.

Baba sees America as a refuge and becomes enthralled, as Amir says, with "the idea of America." He identifies with American optimism and freedom of choice, and even hangs a framed picture of Ronald Reagan on the wall of their apartment. Up until his death, Baba is a guest in America; Afghanistan is undeniably the place where he can be himself. There, he was a successful and influential figure. In America, he must work at the gas station and suffer the humiliation of being a foreigner, as with the Nguyens. For young Amir, America is not only politically free, but more importantly, free of Hassan and memories