The Kite Runner

Chapter 6-9

Amir labels himself a coward. Do you agree? What is your opinion of Amir's "cowardice"? What does he believe is the "price" he had to pay?

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This is a personal question so my feelings may not be yours. The question of Amir's cowardice is a complex one. I think, on the surface, Hassan was cowardly. He allows his friend unspeakable abuse at the hands of the village bully Assef. This moment will haunt Amir for his entire life. There are other factors to consider. Obviously Amir would have received a major beating if he had protected Hassan, but there is more too this. Amir's self-loathing existed before the incident. Baba subtly favored Hassan for the "masculine" traits that he did not see in Amir. Was Amir's reluctance to help his friend an extension of his jealousy? I think there are a number of factors to consider. Amir will spend his life trying to find redemption for his inaction that day.