The Kite Runner

Chapter 3 and 4

Chapter 3:

1) Why does the narrator not want Hassan to join him on a trip to Ghargha Lake with his father?

2) Compare Baba's manner toward his son Amir to Ali's feelings for his son Hassan.

3) How does Baba feel about the education Amir is receiving from the mullahs? How might this be an example of foreshadowing?

4) Using specific example from the text, explain how Baba and Amir are different.

5) The photographs on the walls of the home reveal several important details about the family. Identify what the author wants to convey tgrough these photos.

6) Why does Hassan cry at the movie theater?

7) Why did people find Ali and Sanaubar's relationship so suprising?

8) How are the narrator and Hassan alike and different?

Chapter 4:

1) Why does Amir not think of Hassan as his friend?

2) In what ways are Amir and Hassan classic friends? In what ways are they not?

3) What talent and power does Amir discover in himself while he is reading to Hassan under the pomegranate tree?

4) What is Amir's reaction to Hassan's criticism of his story? Why? What does it reveal about Amir?

5) What true qualities of friendship does Hassan display? How is Amir not as good a friend?

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Amir doesn't want Hassan to join the at the lake because he wants his father to himself. He's also jealous of the way Baba treats Hassan.

He asked me to fetch Hassan too, but I lied and told him Hassan had the runs. I wanted Baba all to myself. And besides, one time at Ghargha Lake, Hassan and I were
skimming stones and Hassan made his stone skip eight times. The most I managed was five. Baba was there, watching, and he patted Hassan on the back.

Please list your questions separately.


The Kite Runner

why does hassan cry

How are Hassan and the narrator similar?

Compare Baba's manner toward his son Amir to Ali's feelings for his son Hassan.