The Kite Runner

Chapter 1-5

Why does Baba struggle to understand Amir? Do you empathize with him,or with Amir, or both? Why?

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The relationship between Baba and Amir really has two parts; one part is in Afghanistan and one part is when they relocate to America. In Afghanistan Baba is a formidable man. He holds a sense of power about him. In many ways Baba is more like Hassan. In Afghanistan, there seems to be a disconnect between Amir and Baba. Although he doesn't acknowledge Hassan as a blood son, Babba appreciates the fact that Hassan is more aggressive and stands up to bullies while Amir is more subdued and passive. Baba sees Amir as weak both physically and emotionally. Amir spends his childhood trying to live up to a hyper masculine vision of what Baba thinks a man is. When they relocate to America,Baba works at a gas station while Amir attends school. The power shift changes. Amir adapts more easily and Baba seems lesser than his former self. Still Baba is proud of Amir's accomplishments and I think this brings them closer.