The Kite Runner

3. questions

Discuss baba's venture to the flea market, and assess its importance to him and amir.

How does amir and sorayas relationship develop, what are the differences in american and afghan courtship practices?

After being diagnosed with cancer how did baba behave and why did he bahave that way. How is amir affected by the diagnostic?

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1) Baba often went to the flea market with Amir. Which venture are you referring to?

2) Amir and Soraya's traditional courtship creates a little Afghan oasis in the confusion of America, which Baba and the Taheris greatly appreciate. A traditional courtship involves numerous non-personal conversations, no contact, and no open conversations that anyone else might question.

3) Baba refused to prolong his life with chemotherapy and made Amir promise not to tell anyone about his disease. After the diagnosis, Amir and Baba still went to the flea market on Sundays. As the weeks progressed, Baba lost weight and got sicker until one day, he fell on the ground and started having seizures. Baba's overseeing of Amir's marriage gives him a semblance of strength, but he becomes only a shell of his former self.


The Kite Runner

I mean when ever he goes to the flea market with amir in ch. 11-13. So when he goes how important is it to them?

The flea market was important because it allowed Baba and Amir to return to their roots. The market was a cultural epicenter for Afghan families. Going there allowed them to socialize with other Afghans, and in essence, embrace their ethnic identities. Within the market, they weren't simply immigrants, they were themselves.