The Jungle

With regard to the children's behavior in "Packingtown," how does Sinclair communicate the theme that the capitalist economic system promotes economic efficiency at the expense of the health of people?

chapter two.

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Pachingtown is described as having children everywhere, playing in fetid puddles and streams of water. There are so many children in Packingtown “that nowhere on its streets could a horse and buggy move faster than a walk.” Swarms of flies populate the air. The entire town is built upon the garbage dumps of the city and during the hot summer, the smell becomes overbearing. Beyond the dump is a brickyard. The brick company scoops out the dirt of the land and replaces it with garbage, a feat that seems “characteristic of an enterprising country like America.” Beyond the brickyard is a hole that collects the water that drains from the polluted soil. In the winter, when the water freezes, it is cut and sold as ice to the people of the city. It seems economical to everyone, for “their heads were not full of troublesome thoughts