The Jungle

what job is Elzbieta able to secure? How does it affect her?

Chapter 13.


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Teta Elzbieta gets a job in the sausage-making factory. All the women who work there are the color of sausage. They stand all day over a machine that mixes up the meat with spices and potato-flour. It is pushed into a casing and a group of women then twists the meat into links. They work so fast that it seems to all be a blur, but these women have a hard life, standing all day and twisting sausages. They stay there “hour after hour, day after day, year after year, twisting sausage-links and racing with death.” The sausage woman never has an instant to “glance at the well-dressed ladies and gentlemen who come to stare at her, as at some wild beast in a menagerie.”