The Jungle

What is the climax of chapters 20-31?

Also, what are 10 challenges Jurgis faces during chapters 20-31?

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I might say that the Jurgis takes the news of Antanas’s death in a very "peculiar way". This is deffinately a turning point for him. Jurgis decides now that he will leave the slavery of the city and become free. He decides, “This was no world for women and children, and the sooner they got out of it the better for them.” He decides that he is now going to fight for his life, fight for himself. He rides the train through the night and whenever it stops, he can smell the freshness of the countryside. He thinks that he was a country man all his life, and for the past three years he has never seen the country. You will need to check out the GradeSaver summary for your 10 points. I'm including the link below: