The Jungle

What happens to stainsolvas? what happens to Jonas?

Chapter 12

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Jonas disappears and when the family asks his boss about him, his boss only says that he had collected his week’s pay and left. This could mean that Jonas was killed on the job, for the bosses were adept at covering up accidents, but the family is almost sure that Jonas had left town to find work in the countryside. He was a very unhappy man and for two years “had been yoked like a horse to a half-ton truck in Durham’s dark cellars” having to give much of his wages to the family so they could survive. There is another awful snowstorm and Stanislovas gets a nasty frost on his fingers. He tries to warm his fingers, but they are frozen. He damages his knuckles for life and screams in pain in the house until Jurgis beats him to be quiet. From that day forward, Stanislovas has to be beaten before he will leave the house during the cold.