The Jungle

What does jurgis find when he returns home? Where does he go?

Chapter 18

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He comes to his house but is shocked to see that it no longer looks like his house. It has been painted, and the defects have been repaired. Jurgis must brace himself when a young boy he does not recognize comes out of the house. Jurgis asks the boy where his family is, and the boy gets his mother. The boy’s mother tells Jurgis that they only recently bought the house new and that no one had lived in the house before them. Jurgis is horrified, feeling as though “his family had been wiped out of existence; as if they were proving to be a dream people, who never existed at all.”


He goes to Grandmother Majauszkiene’s house, and she tells him that his family was turned out because they could not pay the rent.