The Jungle

sinclaire wrote the jungle to condemn the injustices of chicago industrial practices.using at least two vocabulary words ,explain how sinclaire conveys his attidude toword the subject tone .cite at least two examples from the excerpt

how to write a paragraph about it

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Which vocabulary words are you referring to?

The tone is very negative because he was condemning the practices that were bad for the industry and the people working in the industry. To write this paragraph, you need to pick the two examples you want to use, choose your two vocabulary words that you have to include, and begin with a thesis statement something like "Sinclair Lewis, in his novel The Jungle, clearly condemns the meatpacking industry of Chicago for its injustices and illegal and immoral practices during the beginning of the 20th century in America." Put in your examples and end with something like, "The people who read this novel had no problem understanding Lewis' scathing criticism of an industry that was damaging to the American population."