The Jungle

How is Jurgis injuered?

Explain both the mental/emotional and physical effects it has on him.

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One day, on the killing floor, a steer breaks loose of its chains. It is a dangerous situation because men scatter everywhere, all with big knives in their hands. Jurgis scrambles away from the steer and his foot becomes caught in the trap that collects the blood. He twists his ankle. He does not notice the injury at first, but it becomes worse throughout the day. The next day, his ankle is swollen and he wraps it in rags and goes to work anyway. It begins to hurt so badly that he passes out. A company doctor sees him and tells Jurgis that he must go home and go to bed. It could be months before the ankle properly heals.

Jurgis is devastated by his inability to work, and the family is secretly frightened. Jurgis often tries to get out of bed and go to work, but Teta Elzbieta cares for him and makes sure he does not leave the bed.