The Jungle

How does the family unknowingly increase their vulnerability to economic catastrophe?

chapter five. (after purchasing the house.)

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The family is excited about moving into their new home, and they spend their remaining week in old Mrs. Jukniene’s flat talking of the furnishings they will put into it. Everyone is impressed with the way advertisements helped them “obtain full information as to pretty much everything a human creature could need.” Through such advertisements, one can find a cure for his ills or a product that will improve his life and “make smooth his paths through the world.” Sinclair attacks the advertising industry because of its duplicitous nature. Advertisements portray a product in the best light, yet in doing so they often lie to consumers about the quality of products. Jurgis and his family are too naïve to know about such lies and tricks, so they believe that such advertisements are meant to inform them, not persuade them.