The Jungle

Explain how Jurgis, Jonas, and Marija get jobs and where for each.

include other details like how much each of them makes per day, what they actually do, and how many hours they work.

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"He had gone to brown's and stood there not more than a half an hour before one of the bosses noticed his form towering over the rest, and signaled him.

Jonas got a job through his friend;


At home, also, there was more good news; so much of it at once that there was quite a celebration in Aniele’s hall bedroom. Jonas had been to have an interview with the special policeman to whom Szedvilas had introduced him, and had been taken to see several of the bosses, with the result that one had promised him a job the beginning of the next week.

Marija got a job painting cans.


In one of the smaller plants she had stumbled upon a room where scores of women and girls were sitting at long tables preparing smoked beef in cans; and wandering through room after room, Marija came at last to the place where the sealed cans were being painted and labeled, and here she had the good fortune to encounter the "forelady."





The Jungle