The Jungle

Explain how Freddies gift makes life more difficult for Jurgis?

Chapter 25

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Freddie's gift was a $100 bill, but Jurgis knows this poses a new problem, however, because he cannot give the bill to a shelter, and it is very difficult for a man of his stature to break the bill into smaller change without being beaten, robbed, and murdered or hauled away to jail. He finds an empty saloon, goes up to the barkeeper, and asks him to change the bill. The barkeeper agrees if he will buy a beer, and so Jurgis does. The barkeeper pours the beer and gives Jurgis ninety-five cents in change. Jurgis asks where the other ninety-nine dollars is, and the barkeeper only looks at him strangely telling him he must be mistaken.

Jurgis goes into another wild rage at this. He leaps over the bar and begins to attack the barkeeper, throwing his glass and bottles at him. The barkeeper punches Jurgis and is helped by two other men who enter the fight. Soon, a police officer joins them, knocks Jurgis out with his club, and hauls him to jail.