The Jungle

Briefly describe Madame Haupt and explain why Sinclair develops this particular minor character in such detail.

chapter nineteen.

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Jurgis goes to Madame Haupt, a midwife. She is a fat Dutch woman, wearing a “filthy blue wrapper” with black teeth. Jurgis enters her room looking “like a man that had risen from the tomb.” He begs Madame Haupt to come and save his wife, but she complains that she has not yet eaten her dinner. Jurgis tells her that he only has a dollar and a quarter to pay her. He begs with her and tells her that he will pay the twenty-five dollars that she asks as soon as he can. She laughs at him and tells him that she cannot do it for that small sum. Madame Haupt is a reflection of how even poor Dutch immigrants see people like Jurgis. The racism and classism isn't merely seen by rich people.