The Joy Luck Club

how does jing mei woo see herself?

how does jing mei woo see herself?

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Daughter of Suyuan Wu. Her mother has recently died, and her father has asked her to take her mother's place in the Joy Luck Club. The ladies of the Joy Luck Club charge her with traveling to China to meet her long-lost sisters. Jing-mei feels inadequate for this mission, being afraid that she can never live up to her mother's expectations.


Jing-Mei sees herself as an ordinary girl. Unlike her cousin Waverly, she cannot play piano. Or anything that can make her a prodigy. Her mother always wanted her to do something special, but she was never able to fully dedicate herself to anything. In chapter 8,'Two Kinds', her mother put her in piano but she failed miserably in front a lot of people. (She took advantage of her teacher whom was deaf.) "I know my mother resented listening to Auntie Lin talk about Waverly when she had nothing to come back with."(page 37) This was in chapter 1.