The Joy Luck Club

5. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? I'm from other country, we badly understand english please HELP!

a__ Lena heard a girl being killed next door.

b__ Ted's mother wanted him to marry Rose.

c__ Rose's mother wanted her to divorse.

d__ Lena's mother thought thet the sea would give Bing back.

e__ Jing-mei's mother always wanted her to be prodigy.

f__ Jing-mei played badly at a concert.

g__ Waverly is pleased that the hairdresser says thet she looks like her mother.

h__ Jing-mei travelled to China with her mother.

i__ Jing-mei's mother had left a photograph with her babies.

j__ Jing-mei's half-sisters were brought up in the country.

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1. False (the girl was being beaten, Lena only imagined she was killed).

There are too many here. You need to split these up and submit them.